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Quintella Life Coach & Mentor

Mindset transformation & energy healing

Feeling stuck, lonely and thirsty for meaning in your life?

Are you tired of dragging yourself to work each day, feeling depleted and overwhelmed trying to balance your personal and professional life?

Do you wish you had a deeper connection with your partner, or find it difficult to fall in love again?

Do you need more structure and consistency to create a healthy lifestyle?

It’s never too late to live an extraordinary life filled with infinite possibilities


Emotion Code Energy Healing

Release the emotions that are stopping you from moving forward in all aspects of your life with this transformational, spiritual experience



Connect to your inner voice, clear limiting beliefs, and discover your divine purpose with this unique training method for your mind, body, and spirit


Holistic Life Coaching

Get fresh insight into how to overcome your personal and professional challenges with 1-on-1 support, guidance and feedback

Transformation is in the details …

When you work with Quintella Life Coach and Mentor, you can look forward to

  • guidance, support and feedback regarding your work, goals and relationships
  • identifying why you don’t have enough time and taking ownership of your day
  • coaching packages aligned with your personal financial circumstances
  • a full assessment of your current challenges and a practical course of action
  • acceptance and respect for your belief system

Meet your professional life coach, Reiki master and certified practitioner in Emotion Code and Theta Healing

I’m Silvia, and here’s what makes me different

Being from Brazil and having lived all over the world, I am truly a global citizen who respects and supports all humans, no matter who they are or where they come from.

As a coach and mentor, this means I am compassionate, non-judgmental and inclusive. My own experiences of failure and success help me bring a strong sense of humility and empathy to my practice. 

When you work with me, you will be understood, accepted and loved.

My coaching style is:

  • Sacred, metaphysical and inspired
  • Caring, nurturing and encouraging
  • Joyful, optimistic and open-minded
  • Imaginative, expressive and visionary

Heartsong Guided Meditation …

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This 5-minute guided meditation will help you release

  • sorrow
  • sadness
  • fear
  • resentment
  • rejection
  • disappointment

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Ready to connect with your divine, authentic self and transform your world?