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Everybody has a unique inner star, but they need a key to access it.

As a certified life coach I am committed to seeing you succeed with services tailored to your needs.

At Quintella Life Coach & Mentor, my goal is to assist my clients in learning how to love themselves and to meet their personal development needs. I can show you how to create a safe space for you to grow on a more intimate level.

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My path has guided me to the most amazing individuals that seek my services from all over the world.

“When you believe in yourself you believe in possibilities.”

– Joe Dispenza

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I have over 26 years of experience practicing Healing Arts and coaching clients from different parts of the world.

I am a Personal Life Coach (CPCC) and Mentor Certified by Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), ICF member, Certified Practitioner: Reiki Master, and learned many other techniques in France and Brazil.

Silvia Quintella

The difference between coaching and therapy