Everybody has a unique inner star, but they need a key to access it.

As a certified life coach,
I am committed to seeing you succeed with services tailored to your needs.

Hello, I am Silvia Quintella. My goal is to assist you during challenging times or situations that are difficult to pivot through. Through the use of my valuable tools, my clients find success in learning how to love themselves and discover their own answers from a place that is connected to their authentic selves, not from fear-based, limiting beliefs.

Whether you feel stuck or lost in your career or personal life, want to learn how to stop self-sabotaging, or acquire better coping mechanisms for spiritual, personal, and professional growth, I can show you how to create a safe place for you to grow on a deeper and more fulfilling level.

How can I help guide you?

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Hear what my clients are saying:

My path has guided me to the most amazing individuals that seek my services from all over the world.

“When you believe in yourself you believe in possibilities.”

– Joe Dispenza

It’s Wonderful to Meet You

I am a Personal Life Coach (CPCC) and Mentor Certified by Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), ICF member, Certified Practitioner: Reiki Master, Emotion Code, Thetahealing, and have learned a variety of healing and holistic techniques in Brazil, France, and the U.S.

I have been coaching since 2013 and have 26+ years of experience as a small business owner.

I would be so delighted to meet you and share these essential tools that I have come to utilize daily not only with my clients but also in my own life.

Silvia Quintella

The difference between coaching and therapy

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