Coach vs Mentor vs Therapy

As we begin our work together, it is important to understand the differences between coaching and mentoring, vs therapy (please refer to this graphic to understand the difference between coaching and therapy). I will be coaching and mentoring you, but understanding how they differ is key to getting the most out of our mutual work. 


Coaching helps you find your path to true happiness, which begins with the discernment between your inner-critic voice and your wise voice. My goal as a coach is to help you quiet that often loud and negative talk to ensure that you can reach your full potential and understand how to be your authentic self.

As a coach, I will help you dig deep and clarify what you need in order to move forward. I will be curious and I will challenge your beliefs, so you can seek to understand how your emotions are affecting your visions. Through our coaching sessions, I will help you determine what could be holding you back from living up to your fullest potential. 



As a mentor, I will share with you examples, metaphors, and guidance that can help you bring more clarity to a difficult moment in which you really don’t know what to do.

Mentoring is about finding a trusted advisor who supports and advises you when you need it. A mentor delivers this crucial support in a way that makes sense to both parties. A mentor always keeps the mentee’s best interests at heart. 


My intention

My goal is never to tell you what to do. My aim is to guide you in your own intuition and knowledge, leading you to the “Aha!” moments and helping you realize that the most powerful answers come from within. All you need to do is take a moment to learn your soul’s language and remain still enough to hear it.

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