How does one disconnect from their ego? Part 1
How does one disconnect from their ego? Part 1

How does one disconnect from their ego? Part 1


Have you ever noticed that there is a persistent, annoying voice inside the mind? Regardless if one is aware of this voice or not, it often tries to give its opinion about every single thing and every single person that we interact with.

We could call this voice our Ego, Saboteur, Inner Critic Voice, or in layman’s terms, Lucifer himself. I have found 4 effective ways to deal with this Inner Critic Voice.

Here are the first 2:




1 – When you become an observer of the ego, you start noticing that your life flows better.


For instance, when you are watching a movie, you are just observing the scenes. You can simultaneously enjoy what you are watching (if it is interesting to you) and can also feel bored with the movie’s plot (if you don’t feel connected with the movie). Similarly, this is the same way you should observe your Ego’s dialogue. In other words, when your ego starts creating negative scenes in your mind you should just observe it. You shouldn’t interact with it, and you shouldn’t participate in its negativity. You should let the negative thoughts and images pass through your mind as if it is a bus whizzing by on the road, or a bad movie that draws no attention. When you are not interested in something, you have the mental option of turning it off or tuning it out. Being an observer of your ego solidifies the fact that the ego is not who you are. It is just a negative voice criticizing you and trying to put you down.


Observe it. Breathe. Release it.


“As you start to practice the exercise of only noticing your ego voice talking to you- you will realize that most of the time these words don’t mean a lot to you.” Michael A. Singer.




2 – Say to yourself that you are aware of the ego’s feelings and be grateful for that.


Unfortunately, no matter what you try to do, the inner critic voice will always be talking to you in a very subversive way. There are so many times that we try to quiet our minds, and yet, this inner critic still tells us: “People don’t respect you as they should. People don’t find you interesting. She or he didn’t call you because you are not good enough”.


The solution is to set a few seconds or minutes aside just to observe what your inner critic voice is saying without judgment. In other words, when you judge the message your ego is sending, you are giving it power. The best method for dealing with the ego’s messages is simply to observe and release.


While you may only observe the commands of the Saboteur, it is also important to be aware of your ego’s negative thoughts and feelings about a certain person or situation. With this in mind, think about that problem or person and say mentally: “Thank you”. When you bless uncomfortable situations that have happened in the past, or in the present, you change your attitude of being a victim to an attitude of becoming a creator. With gratitude comes wisdom.

“Choose to quiet your mind. Choose to hear, live, and act from loving thoughts. Choose to consciously and lovingly create your reality.
Imagine the possibilities…”© Carol Chanel

The difference between our Wise Voice and the inner critic voice


The author of Positive Intelligence, Shirzad Chamine, describes in a sublime way the difference between your wise voice (he calls it as Sage) and your inner critic voice (or Saboteur). “If your Saboteur represents your internal enemies, your Sage represents the deeper and wiser part of you.”

Clearly, when you hear that nasty and loud voice suggesting that you are too old, too fat, too poor, or too weak to move forward with your dreams, it is the Saboteur. It can make us feel sick just to get up and make the changes necessary to get where we want to. Another characteristic of the inner critic voice is to make us feel judged, defensive, angry, fearful, and give excuses for not doing what could transform our lives.

On the contrary, the Sage will be more compassionate towards your mistakes. According to Shirzad Chamine, the sage “tells you that everything, even your mistakes, can be turned into gifts and opportunities by the way you react to them.

Stop judging yourself for how many times you have already failed. Instead, start asking yourself:



What is the lesson I can learn from my mistakes?


Who is this voice: my Saboteur or my wise voice?


always tell my clients, the Saboteur puts us down. Our wise voice, who I also like to call our divine voice, will guide us with compassion, love, and inner peace.
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Silvia Quintella