How your soul and your mind can overcome your fears!
How your soul and your mind can overcome your fears!

How your soul and your mind can overcome your fears!


This isn’t your average blog about fear.



This is a blog about how your brain and your soul interact, a blog about Divine Intuition.


How do you get in touch with your Divine desire? 


How can you connect with your soul when you have those crazy fearful moments that make you feel paralyzed and unable to move forward in life? 


We all face some kind of fear.

Whether afraid of falling in love after being brokenhearted, or fearful of leaving a dead-end job because you worry that you won’t find anything better, or feel you aren’t enough. Or perhaps you are like me, afraid of public speaking.

What are you afraid of?

When I was approached by the awesome Dave Pamah to be on his podcast, I had two energies going through my mind and body. One was the excitement of being in a podcast that I love to listen to from a guy who I really admire. However, the second energy I felt was the fear of being exposed, the fear of being so nervous during the call that I couldn’t honor my authentic self while delivering my message.

Well, thankfully before the podcast happened, I put into practice several of the tools I share with my clients. At the end of his show, I was astonished at how much I enjoyed the call.



Here are a few of my favorite  tools to overcome fear: 



1) Practice Confidence/Competence loop 

Brendon Burchard, 3-time New York Times bestselling author, mentions in this youtube video that fear is poor management of our own mental faculties. He also says that the more you understand something, the more confidence you will have in that area.

Maybe you want to change your career, start a new business, or break up a relationship that you know doesn’t fulfill you anymore, but you freak out just thinking about the possibility of changing your circumstances.

Many times you can be so attached to the old, and so used to that familiar fear, that it can be really difficult to let go of what is making you miserable and create space for transformation.



The Confidence/competence loop is learning every single thing you can to become the best version of yourself. 

For example, if your intention is to fall in love again after a painful breakup, you could sign up for relationship workshops, read books about love, and take better care of yourself. You could also try therapy or coaching to understand where you might be able to grow and learn tools to see your true value and the contribution you can give in a new relationship.



It doesn’t matter if it is personal or professional, when you feel confident about what you want to change, the fear energy is going to be almost null. 

Don’t focus on the fear, focus on the solution. This means becoming the best version of yourself in every area of your life. 



2) Neuroscience of Fear. Understand the reasons your brain triggers you with fear. 


Dr. Joe Dispenza, the author of  Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, describes the neurochemical relationship between the brain and the body. He explains that as you think certain thoughts, the brain produces chemicals that cause you to feel exactly the way you are thinking.

Imagine you’ve had some bad experiences about the thing you are fearful of and would like to change in your life. Every time the desire of changing comes up in your mind, that uncomfortable feeling that you are a failure, that you’ll never succeed, or that you will be rejected, is always present. You can feel the bitter taste in your mouth. That taste of fear.

As Andrew Huberman, professor of neuroscience and neurobiology at Stanford School of Medicine, mentions on this podcast with Daniel Schmachtenberger, many times people are afraid of what they are going to do and what others will say about them if they fail again. This reminds me of a saying we have in Brazil, where I am originally from My business is nobody’s business, because nobody pays my bills. You get the picture, right? 

The golden key here is if you want to be fearless, you can start to realize that what you want is more important than any fear you have of achieving it. To become a fearless person is to fail over and over again, and then to get up again and again.



FEAR: has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘Face Everything And Rise.’ Thechoice is yours. – Zig Ziglar



3) Listen to your soul’s desire so you can connect with the Divine desire.       


Fear affects your confidence. To be confident you need to develop courage. Courage doesn’t happen overnight, it is like building your muscles. You show up to work out a little bit every day. You keep going until after a few months you start feeling your body strong and toned. It is a similar process to convert fear into courage. You practice fearlessness every day and take more courageous steps towards the big ones until it becomes so easy that you start having fun overcoming your fears.


I love practicing Divine Love Petitions. I first learned this magical way to connect with the Divine when I read Christiane Northrup’s book Making life Easy  – How the Divine Inside Can Heal Your Body And Your Life.

So anytime fears or doubts about a specific subject come to mind you say:

“With our Spirits and angels’ help (you can name here an angel you most love) we focus Divine Love throughout our systems. I acknowledge (name the problem. Ex.: Fear of not finding a new job, new lover, losing money, etc) and I ask that my path be Divinely guided and that my Soul’s journey be eased. With Divine Love according to the Creator’s will.” This or something better.

Miraculously, when you live your life with more courage, there is an internal shift. The shift happens because you start listening to your soul, fearlessly.

Your inner Divine knows that you are a magnificent self.

Fear is just a sign of resistance that you aren’t honoring what is yours by your Divine birthright.

Accept the challenges and situations that show up.

What would be the worst scenario if you fail?

At least you would be exercising the muscle of being courageous and fearless.

Trust that the Universe has your back no matter what you choose, but as happy parents love seeing their children conquer their dreams, your Divine Spirit also gets very happy when it sees you strong, confident, full of courage, and fearless.


Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Jack Canfield 

I am here to celebrate who you are.

Have a marvelous day!