Learn how to stop complaining and connect with your soul’s desires.
Learn how to stop complaining and connect with your soul's desires.

Learn how to stop complaining and connect with your soul’s desires.


Think about one thing that you would like to have in your life and ask yourself:


How would I show up every day in my life to materialize what I want?


What are the structures? How would you operate if you have that? How would you think? How would you feel if you had that in your life?


Complaining about what you don’t have doesn’t help to get closer to a more fulfilling or prosperous life.


It is quite the opposite. When you waste time complaining about things that you don’t have in your life, you are pushing yourself to obtain that even faster.


Close your eyes for a moment. Breath in clarity, breath out love to yourself and all.


Now, say out loud what you most complain about. Put your hand on your chest.


For example, I don’t have time for entertainment because I have to work too hard.


How does your chest feel when you say that complainant sentence?

It may feel tight, your breath may feel short, or you may feel out of breath, and hopeless.

With your hands still placed on your chest, feel connected with your breath and energy and say,

Divine Source, I know that (add your situation here) has been demanding too much from my time and energy (or anything that has been causing you to feel depleted or unhappy). 


I don’t know how to change this situation,

I ask you, my Inner Divine, my highest and best good, and the highest best good of everyone involved in this situation to bring me alternatives to find the right circumstances, so I can have a balanced life. Bring clarity and discernment so I can recognize the right way when you give the hunch to take action. This or something better.”

Now, breath in love, breath out peace and harmony to yourself and to everyone involved.

Think about the situation again. 


How does your body feel? 

The key to changing any situation in your life is to change the perception lens you were wearing before. This means, wear a lens that is in tune with the best version of yourself and not the lens from your ego.

The best version of yourself always aligns with your soul’s desires. 


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