What are the secrets to becoming confident?
What are the secrets to becoming confident?

What are the secrets to becoming confident?


Our brain tends to search for situations that it is familiar with. Most of the time these emotions carry insecurities and negative inner talk. Therefore, it creates a continuous feeling that you aren’t enough and don’t know enough. In other words, your subconscious mind could be conditioning you to keep stuck so you don’t reach your goals.


The interesting thing is that most of us were taught in our childhood that to become more confident we need to know everything before taking action. However, to feel confident we just need to learn how to shut off our negative inner talk and let our inner sage orchestrate the show of our lives.


I have good news for you. This inner critical voice is wrong nearly 99% of the time. Except when it is trying to prevent you from a dangerous situation.

Consequently, you don’t need to feel confident to do anything. 


So, how to take action without feeling confident?

I truly believe that all our desires and dreams come to our minds because there is a spiritual purpose in making them come true. In other words, if you crave a specific job, partner, or a healthier lifestyle, it is because your soul is bringing you hunches through your intuition for you to go and get them. 


A few years ago, I had a client that had a dream to buy a piece of land in Costa Rica. Her goal was to build a B&B using only sustainable sources. Her dream was to apply the permaculture design system that serves to implement productive, sustainable, and beautiful human settlements that respect nature.


Although she didn’t know anything about it, she did have the money to invest, and enough curiosity to explore the idea……… She started calling several people around the world who could speak English. She asked them hundreds of questions. Several times she got discouraged and felt powerless to proceed with her endeavor. However, she kept moving forward, not letting her internal conversation stop her. 


As a result, she built a profitable business, and after several years of success, she sold it for a couple of million dollars.


I remember that at the first few sessions I coached her, she was very insecure and had almost no confidence whatsoever.


Nevertheless, she avoided listening to her ego screaming at her that she was crazy for developing that business. The battle that she had was to let the doubts, fears, and worries not be in her way of success.


If you have been reading my blogs for a while, you know I love to surrender all my problems and challenges to the Divine Source. 


My Reiki master taught me about creating a Magic wishes box.


It doesn’t matter the challenges you are facing. Whether it is a change of job, building a new business or relationship, moving to a new home, getting a divorce, or developing a new lifestyle. This always works, you just need to be kind and patient with yourself and stay in tune with the Divine Source.


So, here is the homework I would like you to do to not let the lack of confidence block you from achieving the most amazing desires. The ones that are yours as a birthright.

  1. Find a box, any old one works. 

  2. Write down on the top of this box. This box belongs to “your first name” and the words Divine Magic Box. For example, 



This box belongs to Silvia Divine Magic Box.

  The intention here is to make the Divine Magic Box be embroidered in your full name (energetically speaking). 🙂

  1. When  you feel that you aren’t enough, or knowledgeable enough, or smart enough to achieve a specific goal, or you have a problem that you don’t know how to solve, get a piece of paper and write down: 

The right (write down the situation. Ex. the right apartment, the right job, the right partner, the right clients, the right doctor to help you to heal a health problem, and so on.) is already selected, I am being divinely guided to it easily and gracefully. I am here to receive this, or something better.


Next time you don’t feel confident, remind yourself that everything is part of your soul’s journey. 


Feeling doubts, insecurities, and worries are part of being human and living on this planet. 

Then ask yourself, who am I giving my ears to? Is it my inner sage or my inner critical voice?


To feel confident is not a thing. It is an emotion that we can learn how to pursue through actions and letting go of the Universe’s guidance.


If you resonate with this message but aren’t still sure how to move forward to your dreams, Let’s chat.


I am always one call, email, or text away.

With love,

~ Silvia Quintella