Friendship & Relationship Coaching

Helping you build stronger connections with your friends, family and/or partner.

Having strong friendships and relationships in our lives is so important.

Have you ever found yourself staying up late, feeling lonely, or perhaps wondering why don’t you have more close friendships?

What is it exactly that prevents you from having a more exciting and intimate romantic relationship? What is behind who you really are?

Working together you will learn what is important for you to be loved and how you love.

For our relationships with others to flourish, it is important to learn effective communication skills, improving our ability to be emotionally intimate and connect with like-minded people.

I can help you develop these essential life skills to attract the many special people who will fall in love with and truly value your authentic self – people who match and raise your vibration rather than lower it.

As you learn what your values are, and what is most important to you, you will learn how to improve your relationships with friends, family, and co-workers.

In our work together, you will learn some key relationship values that can help you either spice up your current relationship, or address the self-sabotage cycle that causes you to choose the wrong partner or fear falling in love again.

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Relationships can be extraordinarily complex.

The problem is that when you start to believe you aren’t good enough, or that you don’t deserve or aren’t worthy of love and respect, it is often a deep-seated unconscious belief that has existed and permeated your mindset for many years, if not your whole life.

So many times, I have seen clients stay in the wrong relationship for too long, or give up on a promising relationship too soon.

Many clients say they feel alone in their lives and that their family and friends ask for too much with too little given in return. Many don’t really know how to establish healthy boundaries with friends and loved ones, struggling to say no to them.

Working with me, you will become more familiar with your love language, the language that is irresistible to a special partner ready to fall in love with the amazing person you are today, and all you will continue to develop into. We will also explore the various stories you may be telling yourself that can affect your general attitude towards friends and family, and thus, your ability to communicate with them.