How to know when your life is being designed by your authentic self?
How to know when your life is being designed by your authentic self?

How to know when your life is being designed by your authentic self?



Becoming authentic starts with living in the present moment.



I hear this all the time: How can I become present when I have gone through so many challenges and disappointments in life?

When you are present, your mindset is in tune with who you are. Being present, you are constantly connected to the energy that is happening inside of you. Additionally, you know that you are here in the moment when you can see yourself expressing your authentic self.




What is to be your authentic self?

The easiest way to feel and understand what is to be your authentic self is to remind yourself of those moments where you felt so happy that every time you go back and think about that moment you still can feel that happiness in your body.

Stop for a second. Look back at your life, and remember the three happiest moments you’ve experienced.





Did you find at least one? Great.

Now, imagine that you have a TV screen in front of you. On this screen, you can see yourself living those same emotions again at this very moment.



Ask yourself:

How does it feel to be fulfilled?

What does it feel like to let things flow naturally, without forcing anything?

What were you wearing during this precious moment?

Did you feel connected with others and yourself?


The answers to these questions are going to clarify what it means to be more connected to your authentic self.

They could brilliantly guide you so that you can better understand which kind of career, partner, or living environment would bring you happiness and fulfillment.

For example, I once had a client that disliked the cold and foggy weather she had lived in throughout her entire life in London, England.

Even though she had an amazing job, and a great connection with her family and friends, she never felt fulfilled or happy while living in the cold weather. She also never felt authentic enough to continue a serious relationship because every time the winter would arrive she would break up with her boyfriend until the next summer arrived.

One day, she was invited by a friend who owned a trading company to accompany him to South America, so she could help him in a project that fascinated her.

This happened 20 years ago, and now she is happily married to a British man she met in Argentina while helping her friend. They both work from home and travel back to England to visit their friends and family there whenever they want. However, her soul’s home is in Buenos Aires, where the warm weather opens the way for her to celebrate her authentic self.




Can you see the journey here?

This is the reason I asked you to go back in time and remember when you felt the happiest and the best version of yourself.

You don’t need to move to another country to be present or to feel authentic. Or maybe you do. The point here is to investigate when and where you have an inner sacred space to connect to your true soul identity, rather than the negative narratives generated by the ego.

Loving yourself and respecting the signals that your body gives you when you feel in misalignment with your soul’s journey could be the golden key for you to connect to and celebrate your authentic self.

If you would like to explore more about honoring and understanding how to become an authentic person, give me a call.

I am always one call, email, or text away. Because my mission is to help you to feel celebrated, whole, and resourceful.

With love,

Silvia Quintella
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