Hello Beautiful Soul, I’m Silvia.

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My mission is to empower women globally, transforming their lives by harnessing the alchemical power of healing words that uplift energy, peace, self-love, and prosperity.


Through professional healing coaching and mentoring, I help woman unlock their divine potential. Join me on a journey of Divine Transformation and empowerment, awakening to your fullest potential.

life holistic coach silvia raleigh

Silvia Quintella


“Transform your life with this heartfelt journey to self-discovery and healing. Get my book today to Embrace happiness now!”

life holistic coach silvia raleigh

Do you need help to stop the sabotage
and become the Best Version of Yourself?

Do you want to be in alignment with the amazing things that
have been waiting for you.
but you just don’t know how to get there?

I can lead you there.
Take advantage of this opportunity to have a powerful
soul-to-soul session with me

Because if you were Divinely guided to this page,
there is a magic here to be explored.

Lets have fun unlocking your magic.

have you ever wondered what makes you a unique,
magical human being?

Accepting your essence,
Embracing your decisions,

Falling in love with yourself=
The way others will sense your energy

Because this is the secret to becoming united with your
Full Potential, And unlocking your inner Power.

That’s when the real magic begins.
Because, my darling, When you are feeling


And you have tried so many things to move on and
heal after a breakup.
But nothing is changing or happening in your life

The worst part is this frustration

can make you feel trapped and unable
to radiate the dreams of your soul.

Trying to date a new guy,
Or finding a new job or career
with this stagnant energy

is going to block you from attracting and
Experiencing the true love and
That is your birthright.

Is this happening to you?
I am inviting you to an energetic

To a deep connection
with your
souls’s desires

Leaving the old energy
from your past

Opening up to a Vibrant
and New Energy.


Saying  No  to the B.S. of the dating game,

Saying Yes to the Energetic Game

Your soul is ready, otherwise you wouldn’t have been
guided to this page.

The key here is to take the risk to change what isn’t working
for you and booking your transformational soul-to-soul
session with me.

This is what is going to happen during
this powerful session:

1) You will tell me every single thing that isn’t working for you.

2) We will release trapped emotions from three of the issues you want to transform.

3) I Will take us to a higher vibrational field, and from there I will coach and mentor you.
I will also channel all the answers your
spiritual team wants to guide you to.

4) You will transform the old limited beliefs to a new paradigm,
setting you free to bring true love, money, and hapiness into
your life permanently

And for this exclusive opportunity, you have access to these
phenomenal energetic tools that have already transformed
thousands of my clients’ lives for only $97 (Original price $300
if paid individually, and packages also available)

Who is this for?

  • You are tired of feeling lonely every time you get back from work.
  • Life has been giving you no after no.
  • You feel invisible and depleted energetically and physically.
  • People take you for granted.
  • You feel not enough and unwothy of the magnificent opportunities.
  • Stuckness, frustration and lost are your state of mind most of the time.
  • You are ready to stay enough is enough, but you don’t know how to leave the old behind and welcome the new into your life



My love,
if you have answered YES to a few of the statements above,
I am what you have been looking for.
Follow this link and book your Transformational Energetic
Session with me for 75 minutes.

I Have had the luxury of being taught by phenomenal teachers,
and I can’t wait to share these magical tools
with you during our session.


Follow this link and book your Transformational Energetic Session
with me for 75 minutes.

Your Higher Self has been waiting
to become one with your forever.


Save your spot.

Here is the link to your transformation.

There is no catch.

$97 for an incredible and limitless transformation during 75 minutes.
I’m waiting for you on the other side,
much love.
Silvia Quintella.