These are the five most questions I hear about Thetahealing


Thetahealing is more than just an energy-healing method. It’s a meditation technique that brings you back to your inner power. It helps reconnect you to the divine source.

This transformational healing method was created by Vianna Stibal after she went through several setbacks in her life. Vianna’s focus has been on sharing ThetaHealing with the world and inspiring others with her unconditional love through the Creator of All That Is for more than 20 years. Her books have been published in more than 25 languages.

Here are the answers to the most common inquiries I hear from my clients:





1) How can Thetahealing reconnect you to the Divine Source?

I always tell my clients that a Thetahealing session feels like a relaxing trip to a high vibrational field where you finally feel and accept that you are one with God. From that deep state of relaxation, you are divinely guided to receive clear intuition and to answer what is blocking you from achieving your dreams or the reasons why you feel stuck.



“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin



Before we came to this planet, we were already spiritual beings. All our past experiences were registered in our souls. When we chose to come to this physical body, we forgot most of our soul’s records. As a result, we separate ourselves from the Divine Source. This separation generates distortions of reality, making us feel insecure, unworthy, and unlovable. We lose the awareness of who we are, especially when we start seeing ourselves with the Ego’s perception, and not the Divine perception.



[The] ” Thetaheling process is given to us by the Creator, which reconnects the person to the Creative Source, breaking the symptoms of identification with separation, […] the basis of the distortions that generate limiting beliefs.” Vianna Stibal.



When we let our past, memories, or challenges define who we are, we live in the illusion that we don’t deserve to be happy, prosperous, or fulfilled. These trapped negative emotions can contribute to limited beliefs on a very deep level that sabotage and block us from following the Divine plan that was laid down in our souls before we came here.



One important step as we go deeper through the Thetahealing process is belief work digging.

After this step, it will be easier to recognize what you are doing to sabotage yourself, know which limited beliefs you need to release, and what the next step is for you to claim your Divine birthright.

The practice of Thetahealing allows us to reconnect with the essence of our true spiritual magic and reunites us with the Universal Law.  All people can receive sessions or practice Thetahealing, even those who have never meditated. The only prerequisite is to have a basic belief in the Creator or in the existence of a Higher and Universal






2) How many sessions will you need?


The number of sessions can vary depending on your needs, the complexity of your limited beliefs, and if you have done any inner work before.


Our inner critical voice or ego can also prevent us from being open to transforming and changing our programs that have been sabotaging our success. Coming to your sessions with an open mind and heart will help you to get results faster.


I usually work as deeply as the client is open to go. I have clients who have had excellent results within 2 to 8 sessions with me. However, it depends on how badly you want to transform your life,  your life, connect with your intuition, and how open you truly are to changing your negative programs. Sometimes belief work takes a few sessions to achieve your desired changes. To figure out how many sessions you will need, it really depends on how fast your subconscious beliefs around your issue(s) reprogram into positive and empowering ones.


For instance, many times fears, resentments, guilt, attachments, having a hard time during difficult breakups or divorces, feelings of abandonment, and other issues could be registered in your subconscious mind for many years. Even though much work could be covered in one session, other persistent negative programs could take some time to change.





3) How do you prepare for your Thetahealing session with me? 


It is important that you have a specific intention or goal you would like to focus on or achieve during each session.


For example, you could bring something connected to fear, forgiveness, resentment, rejection, abundance, energetic cleansing, relationships, career change, or the manifestation of a goal, etc. Alternatively, we could chat for the first few minutes of the session, so I can help you find the best subject for each session.


Without having a subject to work on, you can get lost in your inner critical voice and accomplish very little in one session.


Ask yourself: What is really bothering me?


What could be making me feel so stuck and lost?


What could be sabotaging me in my relationships, career, or health?


When did I stop loving myself? Have I ever loved myself?


Do I have an inner judge who doesn’t let me see my Divine qualities?



Probably, you might not know the answers to these questions. They are just an idea of the issues you could bring to your session with me.






4) What is the duration of Thetaheling sessions with me?


Sessions last from 60 to 75 minutes, and can be done online or over the phone via WhatsApp, Zoom, or Google Meet.

I have only been working virtually since the pandemic started. It is interesting that I have seen excellent results with clients all over the world. It feels like sessions over the phone or online can help us to be more connected with one another’s energy without any distractions compared to in person sessions.

Please have a good internet connection and a device with a functional camera. Also, choose a quiet space for you to receive your session that is free of disturbances.






5) Are there any dietary restrictions, such as abstaining from sugar, recreational substances, and alcohol, etc.?


If you have any chemical dependency issues or habitual drug and/or alcohol use, psychological illnesses, or are under a physician’s treatment for medical issues, you must inform me before booking your session so I can assess whether Thetahealing is appropriate for you. Thetahealing is a complementary energy healing technique, and not an alternative to medical and psychological treatment. Additionally, Thetahealers do not diagnose disease. If I suspect the presence of any imbalance that is affecting your health, it will be necessary to recommend medical or psychological follow-up.


Please don’t eat any sugar and try to have a healthy diet for 24 hours before our session. Also, please drink 1.5 liters or 50 ounces of water before your appointment with me, so you are hydrated enough.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

To book your Thetahealing session with me, please follow this link.


Much love and blessings to you!

~Silvia Quintella