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Are You ready

To embrace a life of financial abundance, inner peace, pure love, and fulfilling relationships?

Discover how you can transform your life and connect deeply with your true self. My services are designed to uplift and empower you, helping you release negative patterns, shift ancestral patterns, and step into your soul’s desires.

Your soul holds the golden key to unlocking your true purpose on this planet.

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Click here to book your 50-minute Transformational Healing Soul-to-Soul session, and let me guide you toward unlocking your Divine Brilliance.


Benefits of Working with Me

Increase Your Income

Money is energy. Release limiting beliefs, tap into your inner leader, and watch your financial abundance grow.

Build Loving Relationships

Develop deeper, more meaningful connections. Communicate from your heart, fostering trust, respect, and true love.

Connect with Your Intuition

Learn to listen to your inner voice and trust your intuition, making confident, clear decisions.

Break Free from Ancestral Patterns

Release family and ancestral patterns that hold you back. Experience freedom and move boldly towards your dreams.

Inner Peace, Connection, and Profound Transformation

Feel a profound sense of inner peace and deep connection with yourself and others. Say goodbye to cycles of unhappiness.

Empowered and Aligned Living

Break free from negative thoughts. Align with your soul’s desires and experience inner strength and purpose.

Divine Support and Abundance

Activate the Divine keys within your heart and soul. Feel supported by the Universe and live a life of Divine abundance.

Joyful Heart and Quiet Mind

Transform a restless mind into a peaceful and joyful heart. Embrace vulnerability and authentic connections.

    Embrace Your Divine Brilliance Today!

Experience the profound benefits of connecting with your soul’s desires and releasing negative patterns. Achieve your dreams with clarity, confidence, and Divine support.

This 50-minute Transformational and Healing Soul-to-Soul Session brings together my 40 years of experience and profound knowledge, including Emotion Code, ThetaHealing, Reiki, soul coaching, and the energetic tools phenomenal teachers taught me, and I will teach you. All of this for just $87(regular price $200).

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Are You Ready?

⭐ Say goodbye to the BS in your life.

⭐ Shift inner negative talk into deep connection with a higher frequency.

⭐ Keep an open mind and heart.

You deserve the Universe magnificent gifts. Let’s embark on this Divine journey together.

Book your Transformational Healing Soul-to-Soul Session for $87 (Regular price $200). The journey to a fulfilled and abundant life starts with a single step. The Universe whispered to you to click on this page. So excited to help you activate and unlock the power of your soul using healing energy tools.

With love and gratitude,

Silvia Quintella

Soul Coach, Mentor, and Author


Rachel Wright:

Testimonials from One of My Many Beautiful Soul Clients

“She has an alchemy. Using Emotion Code and ThetaHealing, combined with the nourishing space that Silvia creates, I have experienced more peace in my life, deeper connections with my family and friends, and a profound appreciation for my own unique journey. Living in this busy world with so much noise, information, and the world of comparison – Silvia has been the catalyst that has helped me identify and quiet limited beliefs, develop healthy boundaries, and get to know and love myself. Her guidance is so profound, yet so practical. So, if you are stressed, overwhelmed, and struggling to find joy, Silvia is the Holistic Life Coach and Mentor that you need!”


There is no catch.

$87 for an incredible and limitless transformation during 50 minutes.
I’m waiting for you on the other side,
much love.
Silvia Quintella.