Silvia Quintella

Transformational Coach and Mentor

Who Loves Working

With Energy HealingTools

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Do you need help to shift the energy from your current reality of FEELING UNLOVABLE, A FAILURE AND NOT ENOUGH after a breakup or divorce?

Do you want to be able to manifest amazing things that have been waiting for you, but you just don’t know how to get there?

I can lead you in closing the gap from where you are and where you want to be.

Take advantage of this limited opportunity to have a powerful soul-to-soul session with me at a promotional price.

This is what is going to happen during this powerful session:



1) You will tell me every single thing that isn’t working for you.

2) We will release trapped emotions from three of the issues you want to transform.

3) I will take us to a higher vibrational field, and from there I will coach and mentor you. I will also channel all the answers your Spiritual team wants to guide you to.

4) You will transform the old limited beliefs to a new paradigm, setting you free to bring true love, money, and happiness into your life permanently.



And for this exclusive, $97 opportunity (Original price $300 if paid individually), 

you get 75 minutes of transformational guidance and phenomenal energetic tools that have already transformed numerous of my clients’ lives.

Because if you were Divinely guided to this page, there is a magic here to be explored.

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Who is this for?

  • You are tired of feeling lonely every time you get back from work.
  • Life has been giving you no after no.
  • You feel invisible and depleted energetically and physically.
  • People take you for granted.
  • You feel not enough and unworthy of the magnificent opportunities.
  • Stuckness, frustration and being lost are your state of mind most of the time.
  • You are ready to say “Enough is enough”, but you don’t know how to leave the old behind and welcome the new into your life.



My love,  

If you have answered YES to a few of the statements above,

I am what you have been looking for.


Click here to book your Transformational Energetic Session with me.

Why is it so magical and life changing to work with me?


I have had the luxury of being taught by phenomenal teachers from all over the world, and I have a lot of experience helping women just like you unlock their inner power,

and I can’t wait to share these magical tools

with you during our session.

Because, darling,

You are unique and a magical human being.


Did you know that?


I am here to help you to:

Accept your magnificent self,

Embrace your divine path,


Fall in love with yourself.


Save your spot.

As a result, people around you will sense your energy. 

It will be so easy for you to be in alignment with the best version of yourself.


No more B.S. or receiving breadcrumbs from others.

No more letting others lower your frequency.

You deserve success in your love, personal, and professional life.


Save your spot with the link below.


There is no catch.

$97 for an incredible and limitless transformation during 75 minutes.
I’m waiting for you on the other side,
much love.
Silvia Quintella.


Here Are Some Testimonials From A Few Clients.




Rachel Wright from Virginia says:

Silvia has an alchemy.  Using Emotion Code and Theta Healing, combined with the nourishing space that Silvia creates, I have experienced more peace in my life, deeper connections with my family and friends and a profound appreciation for my own unique journey.

Living in this busy world with so much noise, information, and the world of comparison – Silvia has been the catalyst that has helped me to identify and quiet limited beliefs, develop healthy boundaries and to get to know and love myself. 

Her guidance is so profound, yet so practical.  So, if you are stressed, overwhelmed, and struggling to find joy, Silvia is the Holistic Life Coach and Mentor that you need!

Sandra Purvis from North Carolina says:

There are not enough words to thank Silvia for her kindness, knowledge and unconditional love that she has given me throughout this amazing new life I have created for myself and my family.

You continue to be the best thing that’s ever happened to me! It’s like getting a shot in the mind of extreme happiness, blessings, thankfulness and appreciation. Who wouldn’t want this?


Jennifer Trembay from New England says:

I can’t say enough great things about Silvia Quintella’s life coach and mentoring skills. Silvia holds me accountable to take ownership of my dreams and goals while respectfully challenging me to acknowledge the habits and patterns that have held me back. Of the many steps forward Silvia has helped me achieve, I would say that learning to deeply love myself while shedding my self-limiting beliefs has been the greatest gift.

Silvia has shown me that the only thing in my way is me, and the power to create change and move in another direction is mine!!

The opportunity to work with Quintella Life Coach and Mentor is a blessing I count twice. I would not be where I am without her.


I am so excited to share these magical transformational tools with you.

Book your session with me following the link below.