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My mission is to empower women globally, transforming their lives by harnessing the alchemical power of healing words that uplift energy, peace, self-love, and prosperity.


Through professional healing coaching and mentoring, I help women unlock their divine potential. Join me on a journey of Divine Transformation and empowerment, awakening to your fullest potential.

life holistic coach silvia raleigh

Silvia Quintella

“Discover the path to inner peace with 'Unlocking Your Soul's Infinite Power: A Guide to Happiness and Self-Love through Energy Healing Book.”

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life holistic coach silvia raleigh

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This glimpse into the book is your first step on a remarkable journey of transformation. It’s your gateway to discovering the boundless power of your soul, a promise of peace and a brighter tomorrow. Embark on your adventure to inner tranquility and self-love today.

Set out on a heartfelt quest toward joy and nurturing self-compassion with “Discover the Path to Inner Peace.” Immerse yourself in the uplifting essence of “Unlocking Your Soul’s Infinite Power: A Guide to Happiness and Self-Love through Energy Healing,” and begin a journey that will enrich your life with profound positivity and love.

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These Beautiful Meditations, Visualizations, Mantras, And Prayers Will Be Included In The Book.

Chapter 1

  • Whispers of Radiance: An Ocean Sunset Meditation with Your Higher Self and Spiritual Team

  • Visualization: Embarking on the Celestial Journey: Awakening the Infinite Potential of Your Soul

  •  Connecting with the Magnificence of Your Soul

Chapter 3

  • The Radiant Heart: A Symphony of Self-Love and Transformation

Chapter 4

  • Guided Meditation: Harmony of Soulful Intentions
  • Energetical Downloads, Magical Prayers and Mantras

Chapter 5

  • Soul Harmony Meditation: Aligning Your Chakras for Profound Happiness with the Guidance of Your Spiritual Team

Chapter 8

  • Awaken Your Soul’s True Desires: A Meditation to Release What Isn’t in Alignment with Your Higher Self’s Radiance and Joy.


  • Guided Meditation: Awakening Your Inner Brilliance

Zariyat Olapade (Mrs):

“I have to say, this text is more than just a book; it’s a true catalyst for transformation. As I delved into its pages, I found myself eagerly  embracing each practical step it offers. It’s undeniably a concise manual and guide for self- discovery, self-love, and, above all, profound  transformation.”

Rachel Wright:

“Silvia Quintella’s book is an essential key and valuable tool for calming the chaos of  everyday life and to rediscover the treasures within. Here we can unearth our Divine  Nature.”

Emily Jones:

“An inspiring guide to uncovering the Divine Spark within.”

Amanda Santos:

“Discover inner peace and unlock your true potential with Silvia Quintella’s insightful book, a guiding torch in the journey towards self-discovery.”

John Smith:

“A transformative roadmap back to wholeness.”