Wellness & Health Coaching

Learn to foster a positive frame of mind around your health and well-being.

By discovering your strengths and values, we can achieve any and all of these aims together.

Our health and well-being directly mirror the way we feel about ourselves.

When you practice self-love, a stronger connection to your Inner-Divine naturally follows.

Consequently, you start making better choices about what to eat and how to incorporate more movement and flow in your life.

You also become better at establishing the boundaries needed to start putting your health and well-being before all else.

Some of the goals we can work on together on your health and wellness journey include:

  • Boosting motivation and energy levels
  • Permanent weight-loss (hint: think lifestyle change rather than diet)
  • Becoming more aware of bodily cues that signal healthy versus unhealthy choices in food, beverage and company
  • Learning healthier and more effective stress- management techniques
  • Increasing opportunities for physical activity based on your schedule, goals and interests
  • Making self-care a top priority and setting boundaries accordingly

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Once we identify your main goals, we will then create a personalized plan for your long-term health and wellness.

Together, we will learn and practice some valuable tools to help quiet the inner critical voice that may be sabotaging you from building and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

This plan will include guidance and support in tuning in to your own inner Divine knowledge and listening to the wisdom of your body.

Learning how to better love yourself naturally leads to an increased ability to recognize your limits and let go of any inaccurate perceptions of perfection.

In turn, when you fail in following a better meal plan, or exercise routine, you know exactly what to do to get up, forgive yourself, and move forward.

Enhancing and improving your physical and emotional health through the use of different stress-release approaches will help you attain and embrace the very best version of yourself.

The result is not only weight-loss, improved sleep, and increased confidence, but an overall healthier mindset and more fulfilled body, mind, and soul.

Throughout our coaching sessions, you will find yourself more balanced and at peace, and more in touch with your inner sage.

The insights and wisdom that come from your inner divine are only revealed when your inner self is quiet and calm.

The key is to learn which direction your inner compass is telling you to go, and find the strength and courage to follow it.